“Intersectionality asks us to examine the places where we are marginalized but it also demands that we examine how and why those of us who are marginalized can in turn exercise marginalization over others. It demands that we do better by one another so that we can be more powerful together.”
― Alicia Garza, The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart


Professional Development Coaching For Individuals

Sharita has drawn on her own personal experiences as a professional operating at the intersection of race, gender and parenting, while navigating her leadership journey at global organisations, to develop a coaching framework which addresses the impact of intersectionality on a person’s lived experiences and on their relationships.

Identifying and sharing [one’s] multiple identities can help clarify the ways in which a person can simultaneously experience privilege and oppression, or various forms of disadvantage. For example, a black woman is unlikely to experience gender inequalities in a similar way as a white woman, nor racial discrimination similar to that experienced by a black man. Each intersection of race, gender, parenting status, socioeconomic background, and so on can be an important factor in shaping a different life experience.

Her coaching model targets gradual behavioural change, unravelling the trauma of exclusion, building emotional resilience and renewing the growth and activism mindsets by challenging limiting beliefs, offering a new perspective and building skills applied through regular micro high impact actions in an immersive and reflective style.